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  1. What a marvelous blog! You are an amazingly creative talent! I am so very glad that I met you at the gym today. I will be trying so many of your recipes. I particularly love the wheat with the candle. We grew wheat like that every Christmas when I was a child. At some point we stopped the tradition, but I think I will re-instate it!

  2. Welcome to my blog, Helen! Thanks for your nice comment. Hope you found the recipes of dishes from your old country. See you soon at the gym.

  3. Hi! I came across your blog by mistake, looking for a recipe for raffaelo balls which isn't even a serbian recipe, I am also Serbian and many of your recipes is something I've grown up eating.. I just love that you are sharing parts of our culture with other people that wouldn't normally come across it. I'm really enjoying it.
    Hvala prijatno :-)

    1. Ćao!

      Thanks for kind words for my blog. Glad you like it. How were Raffaelo Balls?

  4. Was looking for recipe for apple strudel like my baka used to make it. I was looking through pictures of strudel in Google when I found the exact look I wanted. Found your blog and found so many other recipes that I was looking for. So happy I stumbled into this blog. I miss flavors of home so much!

  5. Thanks! Glad that the recipes from my blog brought you memories of home.


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