Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kisses of Greta Garbo (Poljubci Grete Garbo)

Verzija na srpskom

When I saw this recipe in some old cookbook, first thing I thought was what a fabulous name for a dessert. It may sound silly, but to me these balls are really like kisses. Inside is a cherry soaked in brandy and outside is chocolate - hazelnut mix. So simple and so divine, just like the famous actress.

This old cookbook had its first edition in 1939, I guess Greta Garbo was very popular around that time.

I was thinking how names of dishes that I invented, or I think that I invented, have such ordinary, mostly descriptive names. Next time I have to come up with a creative and powerful name such as this one.

You need:

30 pitted cherries in syrup (1 can) - if they are bigger you need less (it is better to have smaller cherries beacuse the balls will be smaller)
5 tablespoons cherry brandy
200g semi-sweet chocolate chips
150g hazelnut
3 tablespoons milk
2-3 tablespoons dark rum


Drain cherries from syrup. Place them in a small bowl, add 5 tablespoons of cherry brendy and leave it overnight. Tomorrow, drain cherries again and place them on a paper towel.

Roast hazelnut in the oven (355F/180C) for 8 minutes. Remove the skin and grind hazelnut in food processor.

Melt the chocolate, add milk and dark rum. Stir in ground hazelnut. Place this mixture in the fridge for at least 1 hour.

Form the balls from the chocolate mix, then make holes and put the cherries in the center, and finally close the holes around cherries. Keep it in the fridge.


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